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    How to Enter Your CEUs

    Once you complete your Continuing Education (CE) activities, you’ll need to enter the activity details and upload the required documents into your CompTIA certification account.

    CE Program Activities Summary

    View the CE program activities summary to learn about the various types of CE activities, the number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) you can earn for each activity and the documents you’ll need to submit for your CEUs.

    CEU checklist

    Prior to submitting your CEUs, review the following to ensure what you are submitting for CEUs meets the CE activity requirements.

    Entering CEUs

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to enter your CEUs:

    If you hold multiple CompTIA certifications you will be prompted to select an intent level. If your intention is to keep all of your CE certifications current, you will need to select your highest level certification as your intent level.

    • Select the intent level by clicking on the drop-down arrow.
    • Click on an Activity Group to select an activity type.
    • Click on the Accept Activity button.

    If you have selected either the Attend Live Webinar or Completed a Training Course activity you will be prompted to enter the Training Provider name.

    • Enter the number of CEUs for the activity.
    • Click on the Documentation Language drop-down arrow and select the language of the documents you are submitting.
    • Click on the Browse button to upload the required documents. You can submit a maximum of five documents to support the activity, each one meg or less. Each CE activity you complete must be uploaded as a separate CEU submission.
    • Click on the checkbox above the Submit button to agree that the CEUs you’re submitting meet the CE program requirements.
    • Click on the Submit button.

    After clicking the Submit button, a message box will appear stating your CEUs have been submitted successfully. Once CEUs are submitted they are automatically accepted and applied towards your CEU total.

    Submission tips and resources

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