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    Register and Release Certifications to Fulfill 8570 Requirements

    If you are a military service member or U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) civil employee and hold a baseline IA certification in fulfillment of 8570 requirements, you must register and release your certification information using the Defense Workforce Certification Application (DWCA) on the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) website.

    Validating your CE status

    If you have enrolled in the Continuing Education Program but the DMDC site does not show your CE or CE-enrolled status, follow these steps to validate your status:

    1. Go to the DMDC site and click on the Authorize/Certifications tab.
    2. For Assurance Certification Provider, choose Computing Technology Industry Association.
    3. Click the I authorize the release of my certification information to the DoD checkbox.
    4. If none of your certifications have been validated, enter your CompTIA ID number, first name, middle initial and last name exactly as they appear on your CompTIA certification record. If your full middle name appears on your CompTIA certification record, then include your full middle name after your first name in the First Name field on the DMDC page and leave the Middle Initial field blank.
    5. Click on the Send the above entry to CompTIA or the Release Additional Certifications button.

    Records are updated Monday through Friday. If your status shows as Unknown, you will need to delete your record on the DMDC site and re-enter your information. You must enter each field exactly as the information appears on your CompTIA certification record.

    For any DMDC technical issues, please email the DMDC helpdesk.

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