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    Using the CertMaster Mobile App

    CompTIA CertMaster can be used on any Web-enabled device, including computers, tablets and smartphones. This provides the flexibility to move between devices and take your learning on the go.

    First Time Using the Mobile App

    You must first register your CertMaster course on the website version using the link provided in your initial welcome email. Once you have completed the initial course registration, you’ll be able to use CertMaster in the mobile app.

    For iPhone Users

    To install the CertMaster mobile app for iPhone, click here.

    For Android Users

    To install the CertMaster mobile app for Android, click here.

    Additional Information

    • You need consistent internet access to use the CertMaster mobile app.
    • Androids and iPhones use the CertMaster mobile app but cannot support the website version.
    • Tablets and other large mobile devices can use the website version.

    Switching Between the Mobile app and the Website Version

    The mobile app and the website version synchronize only after each completed question set. Each question set is typically six to eight questions.

    • Be sure to finish a question-set before moving to another device so you can start where you left off.
    • If you log out in the middle of a question-set your progress will not be saved and you’ll have to start that set from the beginning when you next log in.
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