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    Roles in the Platform

    An explanation of roles (admin, supervisor, instructor, student) and what each role can see and do in the platform.

    Roles enable users to gain access to the three applications within CertMaster Learn: the learning application, the Institution Admin dashboard and the Boost Dashboard.

     The learning app is the “face of the course” – the place where all the learning content lives and the activity in the course takes place.

     The Institution Admin is a back-end application that allows for Institution and User Management. 

     The Boost Dashboard is another back-end application that houses all reporting, customized curriculums, and instructor resources.

     Roles include Institution Admin, Institution Supervisor, Instructor, and Student. Depending on the institution, some roles may be “doubled up” in order to provide the appropriate access to the three applications.  The only role that cannot be combined with another role is the student role. The student role is the role assigned by default. Students use up a seat count (or license) on a contract while all of the other roles do not.

    The person who makes the organizational purchase of a CertMaster Learn license will automatically be setup as an Admin for their Institution.  Admins have access to the Institution Admin dashboard where they can setup all other roles in the platform including other admins, supervisors, instructors and students. 

     Supervisors have access to the Boost Dashboard where they can setup curriculums and view student, group and institution level reports.

     Instructors have access to the Boost Dashboard and the learning app. In the Boost Dashboard they can setup curriculums and view Instructor Resources and will only have access to Group Reports and Student Reports.  They will only see data for the groups and students they manage directly.

     The most basic role within the platform is the student role, which is designed for learners who want to use the product. 

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