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    The Student Experience

    A walk-through of what a student sees in the platform.


    The first thing students will do upon entering a CertMaster Learn course is set a goal date for when they would like to complete the course. This goal date determines how many knowledge points the student needs to earn each day in order to stay on schedule. This becomes their Learning Plan, or path to navigate through the course. 

     As students complete work in the Learning Plan, the dashboard at the top shows their progress toward course completion.

     Students click on the red button at the top-right of the Learning Plan to work through their study tasks for that day.

     The first task students complete in the course is called Getting Started with CertMaster Learn and provides a tour of the platform and its various features. 

    Every course in CertMaster Learn is organized into lessons. Each lesson includes readings, videos, activities, practice questions, and performance-based questions. At the end of the course, students take a final assessment.  

    In addition to progressing through the Learning Plan, students can also navigate to areas of the course by using the left menu.   


    Students use Strengths & Weaknesses to visually track their progress and performance in the course. They can see how they compare with other students in the course, view their average scores. They can also gauge their proficiency for each Lesson based on their scores and the difficulty of questions.


    Lessons is the equivalent of an online table of contents for the course. Students can jump to a reading or activity within a specific lesson, or use the Filter to search for a particular topic or keyword. Students will be asked to select a confidence level as they work through activities in the course. It is best to be honest because the platform will keep track of confidence levels so difficult topics may be reviewed later.  


    Each lesson is accompanied by an interactive performance-based question (or “PBQ”) that requires the student to apply what they have learned to a practical scenario. PBQs provide practice for the types of performance-based items found on the CompTIA certification exam.


    A practice assessment is matched with every Lesson in the course to gauge student understanding of the topics covered in that lesson.


    A Final Assessment is included as practice for the CompTIA certification exam and is typically a 90-minute, 90-question experience. The Final Assessment combines questions from all Lessons in the course.  


    Hundreds of flashcards are available to help the student review terms, definitions, and acronyms.


    Features within CertMaster Learn such as the game center and achievement badges encourage and motivate students to engage with the content and accomplish study goals.


    Student Resources within CertMaster Learn vary by course but typically include a set of detailed PowerPoint presentation slides and a document that maps the course content to the corresponding CompTIA certification exam.

    Note that if a student has access to more than one CertMaster Learn course, they can navigate to their other courses by using the “My Courses” drop-down menu located at the top left of the screen or by using the User Portal accessed from the top right of the screen.

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