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    The Admin Experience

    A demonstration of what an admin sees in the platform and walk-through of the Institution Admin Dashboard.

    The admin role in CertMaster Learn is primarily responsible for adding and managing users (including students, instructors, and other admins) and providing access to courses by assigning contracts. The admin also creates and manages groups.

     The admin’s home base is the Institution Admin dashboard, which will be the default view when they login to the platform.

     The admin role in CertMaster Learn can be combined with the supervisor role if the institution does not have someone who works in an admin capacity.  Doing so would provide access to both Institution Admin and the Boost Dashboard.

     Let’s take a closer look at the Institution Admin dashboard.

    In the Contracts menu, the admin can review all of the active or expired CertMaster Learn contracts.  Contracts are setup by course by CompTIA.

     There are two types of contracts within CertMaster Learn, limited contracts which are limited based on how many seats have been purchased by the institution, and unlimited contracts which are used for institutions who are billed based on usage.

     For each contract, the admin will be able to see how many seats are available, the number of users uploaded, the number of users activated, and the number of active users. In addition, the admin will be able view the parameters for how long the contract will be active, which is typically aligned with the lifecycle of the corresponding CompTIA certification exam version.

     All of this information will help the admin determine when they may need to purchase additional seats, or when to upgrade to a newer version of the course if the contract is near expiration.

    Admins are responsible for setting up and managing groups. The primary reason for using groups is to associate students with instructors so the instructors can see reporting for their students in the Boost Dashboard. 

     Admins can add students and instructors first and then move them into groups or upload them directly into groups using a CSV file.  Groups are still useful even if there are no instructors as a means of organizing students into class sessions or cohorts.


    Admins can add new instructors individually, upload multiple instructors via .CSV, and download instructor information via .CSV.

    When adding instructors, admins must also add them to a contract which will allow them to view the CertMaster Learn course. Admins and supervisors will also need to be added to a contract if they desire to have course access.

    For any user in the institution, admins can edit and update their information or impersonate that user. Impersonating logs the admin in as that user so they can “see what they see” in the platform.


    Admins can add new students individually or upload multiple students via .CSV. Note that admins can generate CompTIA student accounts, which is a special use case for users that do not have an email address.  Generating a CompTIA student account creates a dummy email address that allows a user to access the course.

     Admins can also download student information via .CSV.

     Remember that admins can also edit and update student information or impersonate students to “see what they see.”

    Admins can add other admins as well as supervisors. It’s not required to add admins and supervisors to a contract, but it may be useful if these users want to be able to access a CertMaster Learn course.  This can be done by clicking on the user and selecting “Assign Contract.”

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