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    The Institution Admin Dashboard - Adding and Managing Students

    A more in depth look into the admin role including how to add students as individuals and via a CSV file.

    Administrators can use the Institution Admin dashboard to add and manage students, instructors, and groups.

    When the admin logs in, the default view will be Groups. Admins can navigate within the Institution Admin options by using the menu on the left.

    Please note, the institution must have an active contract in place with CompTIA in order to add new students, instructors, and groups.


    From the Student screen, admins can view every students name, email address, access status, date added, which is the date the student’s account was created, first login date, and access expiration date.

    Using the Filters button, the admin can search for a specific student or search by contract to find all students associated with a given contract.

    Using the red Download Students CSV link, admins can export the student information from this screen to a .CSV document.

    To manage an existing student, click on their row. From this screen admins can review student information, edit student information, assign the student to a contract, and impersonate the selected student. Impersonating logs the admin in as that student so they can “see what they see” in the platform.

    To add students, click on the New Students button on the right.

    To add a single student, select Add Student from the drop-down menu. Next, fill in the student’s name and email address.

    Providing a password for the student is optional. If the password field is left blank, an account registration email will be sent automatically to the email address that was setup for the student. If the password field is populated, no registration email will be sent and it is up to the admin to communicate the student’s credentials and login instructions.  Populating the password field is recommended if there is concern about automatic emails getting lost in spam or junk folders.

    Select the contract the student is being added to, then assign the student to a course. The course will be selected by default if there is only one active course for the contract selected.

    Once the information is complete, click “Create.”

    To upload multiple students at the same time, select Upload Multiple from the New Students drop-down menu.

    Next, follow the detailed instructions on how to create a CSV file to add multiple students. Admins will need to provide a name and email address for every student they want to upload.  If desired, they can also provide a password, or leave that field blank in order for the registration email to be sent automatically to the students in the file. Note there is also an option to upload multiple students directly into groups from the Groups menu.

    Select the appropriate contract and course. If the admin wants to upload students to multiple contracts, complete the upload process for the first contract and then go through the upload process again selecting the second contract.  The system will recognize that the students already exist in the platform and add them to the second contract.   

    After formatting the .CSV file per the provided specifications and selecting a contract and course, click the Upload button. Notifications will display alerting the admin that the CSV file is queued for upload and when the process has been completed successfully. The admin will also receive an email when the upload is complete with a summary of the upload and identifying any errors in the process.

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