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    The Instructor Experience

    A demonstration of what an instructor sees in the platform and walkthrough of the Boost Dashboard


    An instructor has two primary views in a CertMaster Learn course – the Learning Plan view, which is what a student sees in the course, and the Boost Dashboard view, which is a view restricted to instructors where they can setup curriculums, access instructor resources, and view and export student and group reports. By default, instructors will land on the Boost Dashboard when they login.

    From the Boost Dashboard, the instructor can move to the Learning Plan by using the “My Courses” drop-down menu at the top left of the screen or by selecting “Study” from the drop-down menu located at the top right of the screen.

    From the Learning Plan, the instructor can move to the Boost Dashboard by using the drop-down menu located at the top right of the screen.

    The Learning Plan

    The first thing students will do upon entering a CertMaster Learn course is set a goal date for when they would like to complete the course. This goal date determines how many study tasks the student needs to complete each day in order to stay on schedule. This becomes their Learning Plan, or path to navigate through the course.  Institution Admins can “preset” a completion goal date for a given group of students when setting up a new group in the Institution Admin dashboard.

    As students complete work in the Learning Plan, the dashboard at the top shows their progress toward course completion.

    Students click on the red button at the top-right of the Learning Plan to work through their study tasks for that day.

    The first task students complete in the course is called Getting Started with CertMaster Learn and provides a tour of the platform and its various features. This is a helpful tool for instructors as well. 

    Every course in CertMaster Learn is organized into Lessons. Each lesson includes readings, videos, activities, practice questions, and performance-based questions. At the end of the course, students take a final assessment. 

    Students can use Strengths & Weaknesses to visually track their progress and performance in the course. Note that instructors will not see anything in the Strengths and Weaknesses dashboard unless they complete work in the course themselves. Instructors view student progress and performance in the Boost Dashboard.

    Students can find their course resources such as PowerPoint presentation slides by navigating to the Resources menu, while instructor-specific resources can be found in the Boost Dashboard.

    The Boost Dashboard

    From the Boost Dashboard instructors can create curriculums, access resources to support their course, and view and export student and group reports.

    Curriculums provide a way for instructors to customize the Learning Plan for specific students or groups of students.

    Instructor Resources for all courses the instructor has access to can be downloaded from the Boost Dashboard. Resources can be filtered by course, file type and file name for easier navigation

    Resources vary by course but typically include PowerPoint presentation slides and a document that maps the course content to the corresponding CompTIA certification exam.

    Reports on progress and performance in CertMaster Learn can be viewed by Student or by Group. Note that an instructor must be a member of a group with students in order to view data in the Boost Dashboard. Instructors are ONLY able to see information for students in a group where the instructor is also assigned. Groups are setup and managed by administrators in the Institution Admin dashboard.

    The data in the Boost Dashboard is updated twice a day. Instructors can always determine how current the data is by referencing the date and time stamp at the top right side of the screen.

    In Student Reports, instructors can see the students currently enrolled in their active courses and each student’s aggregate progress and performance.  Click on the drop-down menu to navigate to data for a specific course.

    For more detailed information on a specific student’s performance in a specific course, instructors can click on the name of the student and select “Analyze.”  This view provides a comprehensive view of student progress and performance in all aspects of the course.

    In Group Reports, instructors see aggregate data for all students in a given group.  For more detailed information on a specific course, instructors can click on the name of a group and select “Analyze.”

    This view provides a snapshot of which topics and activities in the course the group as a whole is struggling with to help inform instruction.

    Both Student and Group Reports can be exported at various levels to a .CSV file by clicking Export on the right side of the screen.

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